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Gajah Emas Industries Sdn.Bhd. was founded in 1965 in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. The company is specialized in manufacturing of various rattan and synthetic Takraw balls. About 40% of the company’s Takraw balls are exported overseas, namely to Asian countries, Australia and other parts of Europe.


Takraw ball is used in “SEPAK TAKRAW” games, a popular sport played in Malaysia and in many parts of Asia including Australia. The game is often played with high overhead acrobatic kicks and a variety of other kicks. In Malaysia, the synthetic Takraw ball is more popular. This kind of ball is made of special grade waterproof synthetic polymeric fibers which gives it excellent bounce for better speed impact and performance. The balls are manufactured using high quality technology processes to meet the quality standard. The balls are made to comply with the rules of the game as stated in Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF) and International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) rules. Gajah Emas takraw balls had been tested by Malaysia’s Standard and Industrial Research Institute (SIRIM) and had been acknowledge to meet the requirements of the rules of the games. Malaysia’s controlling body of Sepaktakraw, The Sepaktakraw Association of Malaysia (PSM), had approved GAJAH EMAS Sepaktakraw balls for all it’s competition and activities.

Due to its quality, the Gajah Emas Takraw balls has been the OFFICIAL BALL for many major competitive sporting events for the past 30 years such as the Malaysian Games, South East Asian Games, Asian Games and the World Cup Sepaktkaraw Championship. Today, it has also become much sought after brand in many Sepaktakraw games.

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